Start dancing Argentine Tango from the very first class! Get to know and understand the complexity of this unique exotic dance through our teaching method that will help you develop a good connection with your partner and with the music. It will also provide you with great technique and simple navigation tools to be able to share the dance floor with other dancers. Learn the right technique from the start so that you can lead and follow properly.

The class will start with a series of technique exercises for both leaders and followers; focus will be on posture, balance, footwork, upper body rotation, walking and couple connection. After the technique section, we will work on simple, short, fun sequences (execution of motions, leading / following and musicality) for the social dance.


This course is addressed to absolute beginners and beginners with some experience in Argentine Tango. We strongly recommend everybody to register to the whole course so that the group can advance homogenously. We will not accept new absolute beginner students after the 6th class. This is because after the first six weeks the course has started, new absolute beginners will not be able to catch up. Students with some experience who have taken a beginners course before and want to reinforce their fundamentals, are also very welcome to join these classes since they are suitable for anybody who wants to go over technique, fundamentals, change bad habits or acquire good ones.


 Saturdays 10.30am to 11.45pm (75 min class) 


Dance Boulevard, 1824 Hillsdale Ave. San Jose, California 95124


For an efficient learning process in a beginner level, it is very important to commit and have continuity in order for the group to advance homogeneously and for each student to take full advantage of the classes. Therefore, drop in basis is strongly discouraged for this course, and we recommend everybody not to skip stages and to register from the beginning of the course. To guarantee a good gender balance, registration in couples is advised. Single registration is also allowed, as long as we can keep the gender balance. First come first serve basis.


Pack of 14 classes: $260
Pack of 10 classes: $190

Payment: Directly to the teachers. CASH or VENMO.

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