Our goal is to grow our best inner social tango dancer building confidence through achieving a good technique level free of bad habits and a stronger connection with the music and with our dance partner. These elements will help us develop an elegant social style tango. The class will start with a series of technique exercises with intermediate complexity for both leaders and followers (focus on posture, balance, dissociation, pivots, footwork, walking, molinetes, leading / following techniques and couple connection). After the technique warm up, we will work on different sequences and combinations for the social dance where we will gradually transfer the technique previously drilled to the dance. Special emphasis on keeping the line of dance, floor craft and musicality.


This series are designed for students who have taken Argentine Tango classes regularly for a period of at least 18 -20 months. A reasonable technique level and understanding of tango, handling close and open embrace, and a good repertoire of steps is needed (turns, entradas, changes of direction, rebounds). Also dancers need to handle the navigation. Partner rotation. will be encouraged.

Important note: The teachers reserve the right to request that a student leave any class if they feel he or she is unable to keep up. For the student’s best benefit, students should follow the teachers’ advice on what class is the most appropriate according to their level after taking the first class.


Mondays 8.00 – 9.15pm (75 min class)

Practica from 9.15 till 11.00pm ( included for the class students )


Dance Boulevard, 1824 Hillsdale Ave. San Jose, California 95124


Pack of 20 classes: $448
Pack of 15 classes: $357
Pack of 10 classes: $252
Pack of 5 classes: $133
*Drop in $28
*Practica Only $12

Payment: Directly to the teachers. CASH or VENMO.

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at Dance Boulevard, 1824 Hillsdale Ave. San Jose, California 95124
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