The class will start with a series of technique exercises for both leaders and followers from simple to more complex; we will work on rotation and disassociation, simple and double molinetes with syncopation, complex footwork, speed, flexibility in the embrace, couple connection and musicality.

We will go over different walking styles in different systems and lanes; paradas/pauses, simple and double turns to both sides with or without “entradas”, “sacadas”; “lápices”, “enrosques or “barridas”; counter turns; unexpected changes of directions, complex rebounds. Embellishments. Voleos. Resources for good navigation (line of dance). Fluidity in the dance. Longer/ complex sequences for the social dance. Recognizing and dancing to the different orchestras.


Since these classes are intended for more experienced intermediate and advanced dancers, this group is addressed for students who have taken at least 2 years of intermediate tango level classes on a regular basis, and have at least 3 years of experience dancing tango. Students should meet all the requirements of the intermediate level, apart from being able to lead or follow more challenging tango figures and to navigate on a crowded floor.

Important note: The teachers reserve the right to request that a student leave any class if they feel he or she is unable to keep up. For the student’s best benefit, students should follow the teachers’ advice on what class is the most appropriate according to their level after taking the first class.


Tuesdays 8.15 to 10.30pm (first 15 min warm up, 90 min class and last 30 min practica for the class students)


At the American Legion, 347 First Street, Los Altos, CA


20 Classes Pack: $448
15 Classes Pack: $357
10 Classes Pack: $252
5 Classes Pack: $133
*Drop in $28

NO credit cards. Cash preferred, Checks and Venmo accepted.
*Packs are per person; they are not transferable and cannot be shared. 

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At the American Legion, 347 First Street, Los Altos, CA
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